Thermoforming: No Longer a "Black Art"

Gone are the days where operators were forced to thermoform by "feel". uVu Technologies brings science into thermoforming so it is no longer a "black art". ToolVu's real-time thermoforming quality control monitoring system empowers the operator to be more efficient and in the end provide thermoforming cost savings / increased revenue to the company.

It’s all part of the ongoing uVu mission: turning everyday inefficiencies into insightful business solutions.


Introducing the science of thermoforming production. This stand-alone system connects to your existing thermoformer, bringing you new production run visibility, precision and quality control never before possible.


ToolVu improves your results on every run, from small-scale to mass-market. Discover its capabilities in full detail here

R&D Lab

Our R&D Thermoforming Lab simulations are the easiest way to see ToolVu in action