What is ToolVu thermoforming process monitoring
and how does
it work?

Up to 1000 consecutive cycles/shots can be monitored/recorded via sensor

Multiple temperature sensors, plug mold and clamp air pressure sensors, tool strain gauge sensor, many others

Fully scalable: supports small runs to mass market volume

Built-in security features prevent unauthorized individuals from changing pre-programmed parameters.

Proprietary ToolVu software is compatible with Windows XP or later

ToolVu Thermoforming Features and Benefits:

ToolVu's more efficient thermoforming process can save you thousands of wasted units and dollars by continuously monitoring your thermoforming production run, based upon pre-set production parameters you choose. The moment any parameter is exceeded, ToolVu alerts you immediately, so you can respond before costly resources, equipment and quality control are lost:

  • Reduces costly machine down time
  • Lowers startup time and startup scrap by as much as 50%
  • Troubleshoots tool and thermoforming machine production faults

How ToolVu Works:

Your team sets the desired production parameters in ToolVu, called HotSpots. HotSpots are simply pre-set thermoforming quality-control windows that establish your acceptable limits and ranges for a variety of conditions during a production run.

Continuous thermoforming machine monitoring and alerts.

ToolVu's multiple sensors monitor these various HotSpots, which cover air pressure, temperature, tool strain gauge and other specifications. The moment a HotSpot limit is compromised, ToolVu instantly alerts you, so you can take fast action. These warning signals take the form of customized messages, visual light signals, audible alarms and notifications to your cell or tablet.

Thermoforming quality control signals to downstream operation.

Whenever production falls below or above HotSpot quality limits, a signal can be sent to your downstream operation to reject the part.

Hard stops that save thermoformer machine and tool damage.

ToolVu can be programmed to immediately hard -stop the machine whenever certain ranges or limits are compromised. This can prevent thousands of dollars in thermoforming machine and tool damage, loss of product, loss of production time and unsatisfied customers due to delay in order fulfillment.

Comprehensive customization, training and post-sales support.

The ToolVu system includes hardware, proprietary software, installation, training and post-sale support. ToolVu is customized specifically for your production needs: our team works with yours to ensure a system that matches your existing equipment, tools, and processes.

  • We meet at your facility to fully understand your requirements, processes, and goals. We like to engage everyone on your team, from front-line operator to senior management, to ensure all needs are met.
  • Our team then builds the components for your custom system, followed by installation and configuration on your thermoformer. Multiple dry runs are held to catch any post-installation issues, so you are assured that ToolVu is ready to go.
  • Once ToolVu is installed, we train your staff in depth, to make sure they can easily set up the HotSpots and understand the various graphic reports and alerts.
  • You also receive comprehensive post-sale technical support from our in-house team to promptly address any issues or questions that may arise.

Add new insight, control and precision to every thermoforming run:
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