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ToolVu, Tech Company: Thermoforming Process Monitoring Just Got Smarter

ToolVu helps your instruments work more precisely by adding new visibility, precision, real-time quality monitoring and control never before available. Think of it as the the science of thermoforming production. This stand-alone system connects directly to your thermoformer to provide you with an insightful view inside every thermoforming production run. It reveals all processes from start to finish, and gives you the power to adjust or correct issues proactively with real-time speed for more efficient thermoforming:

  • Proactively detect and fix thermoforming problems long before they ruin your entire run or damage equipment
  • Boost efficiency and thermoforming cost savings: you can save thousands of wasted units, plus avoid extended thermoforming equipment shut-downs
  • Fine-tune thermoforming quality control with much greater precision

Multiple sensors provide real-time feedback

ToolVu's installed sensors record thermoforming production run data in real-time, with information displayed in user-friendly graphics that are easy for your teams to read and understand.

The system sends out multiple warnings and alerts whenever your pre-set production parameters are compromised during a run. ToolVu can also be programmed to hard-stop the machine. It can even send alerts to your cell, tablet or other mobile device. So you stay in control at every step, no matter where you are.

Fully-scalable: connects to any thermoformer

ToolVu's hardware and proprietary software is designed to work with your existing thermoforming equipment for efficient thermoforming machine monitoring. It's fully scalable and customized to your specifications.

See more details about ToolVu's features and benefits.

Generate better thermoforming quality control at less cost with ToolVu:
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