2012 SCAA People's Choice Award Winner: Best New Packaging First Ease of Use Commendation for a beverage lid by the Arthritis Foundation

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15 years and 50+ patents/patents pending reduce spills and landfills

Since that morning back in 1989 when founder David Weiss changed his ruined shirt and tie, vowing to invent a better coffee cup lid, a wealth of experience, talent and creativity has been tapped to turn his vision into reality:

  • More than 50 U.S. and Foreign patents and patents pending have been filed to bring the uVu's unique safety, sustainability and innovative benefits to life.
  • Team contributors included experienced product designers, engineers, polymer manufacturers and brand specialists.
  • uVu Technologies' leading-edge Thermoforming Laboratory provided the rapid prototyping capabilities; tool and cavity replication; and a leading-edge manufacturing proving ground for developing the "See and Seal™" closure technology, among many other patented innovations.

uVu Technologies can meet an extensive array of packaging needs, from licensed lid technology to turnkey vertical start-up solutions across a wide variety of resin packaging

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